Executive Women's Coaching Program

If you're a business owner, executive, or leader looking for a group to support you in achieving greater success and work/life balance, then this group is for you!


You are incredibly busy, juggling a million balls. You’re responsible for family, work, and community commitments. There are more responsibilities than hours in a day. At the end of the day you collapse into bed exhausted, not sure you accomplished anything meaningful.

There is a sense that the ‘right’ way to manage it all is by putting others first and always. It’s as if the way to live is by doing only those things that are “productive and revenue generating.”  If you do have a few minutes to yourself, you experience discomfort and confusion about what you should be doing. 

You see a need for a different approach and method to managing it all. There are seminars, groups, and online training options that teach you success strategies. The idea of spending time on yourself can seem intellectually right, but the thought of another ‘to-do’ on your list feels overwhelming.  Your tanks are empty and need to be filled, yet figuring out how is too strenuous.



The consequences of living this way are significant. It leads to:


·      because of constantly believing and feeling you are behind

·      no buffer zone: time between appointments or transition from work to personal

·      confusing busyness with productivity


·      doing for others what they can do for themselves

·      over developed sense of responsibility

·      constant sense of urgency: “It has to be done now and by me.”



·      sleep

·      healthy eating

·      regular exercise

·      down time

·      sick time

·      play time

·      journaling


·      fixated on the regrets of the past or the wreckage of the future

·      doing the same behaviors expecting different results

·      believing the next moment is more important than this moment



What if there was another way to live and move and be in the world?

What if you found an approach and method to live a more fulfilling life? One that you didn’t have to figure out on your own?

What if this approach was gentler and easier than how you are living now and enables you to experience more joy and peace?  Would you say yes?

If you want to do and be more than a to-do list accomplisher, than this group is for you!


If you’re ready to:

·      feel alive instead of enduring another meeting and dreading your day

·      experience connection and meaning with other women

·      join others in a place that fills your tanks and all you have to do is say YES and show up

·      pay yourself first.......then let me help you and show you how.


I figured it out and have developed a program based on identifying and changing the thoughts, beliefs, and stories that are keeping you stuck in the patterns that harm you, and a simple step-by-step approach for changing them, once and for all. Our thoughts and beliefs create our experiences, and when we change them, we change our lives for the better. We have amazing lives!

My executive women’s coaching group supports you as you learn how to live and lead from your authenticity, your purpose, and with heart.



In just 6 months, you will:

•  Achieve the results you want faster and easier

•  Gain clarity on your personal and business values and align your behaviors with them

•  Define success on your terms and overcome limiting thoughts and beliefs that hold you back

•  Learn from other women as they share their challenges and successes

•  Connect with other women in a safe, confidential, and judgment-free environment

•  Improve clarity and direction and save time getting what you want

•  Experience comfort in a caring environment

•  Build trust and grow together

•  Live a more balanced life


Benefits of participating in this group:

1.   Produce results without sacrificing your core values

2.   Learn methods for working both ‘ON’ the business (100,000 ft. level) and ‘IN’ the business (10 ft. level) more effectively and efficiently

3.   Share your process with other and receive feedback, support, and solutions from other women in your position

4.   Experience a safe place to connect and process work/life balance challenges so you can achieve mindful success

5.   Foster a forum of compassionate accountability

6.   Use your voice for greater impact

7.   Explore life's possibilities with like-minded women who are ready to break the rules, barriers, and limits


When you enroll in this 6-month program you get:

•  6 – two-hour in-person group sessions that give you the opportunity to interact with me and a community of like-minded women in a confidential setting.

•  6 - Group Zoom calls where each member has time to receive coaching and problem solving.


In-person monthly meetings consist of two parts:

•  Learning new skills and techniques to help you accomplish your goals faster

•  Focused time on your challenges to receive specific strategies and tactics to address it

Zoom Calls

Each person will have time on the call to receive coaching, support brainstorming and problem solving, in a confidential and safe environment.

Space is limited to 8 members for maximum focus and results.



The coaching program starts January 4, 2018 and ends June 19, 2018.

In-Person Monthly Meetings

Thursdays - 3:00pm – 5:00pm

  • January 4, February 1, March 1
  • April 5, May 3, June 7

Monthly Zoom Calls

 Tuesday nights from 8:00 - 10:00 pm  

January 16, February 20, March 20, April 17, May 15, June 19

Location of in-person sessions: Falls Church, VA


 Plus, you make your investment at absolutely no risk because you’re covered by my Peace of Mind Guarantee.

I am totally confident that you’re going to love the Executive Women’s Coaching Program. In fact, I’m so confident about the quality of my offer that I will give you full access, risk-free. If, within the first 30 days after enrolling, you have shown up, participated and decided it’s not the right program, I’ll give you 100% of your money back!

If you think you are not ready, then you are!

Every amazing, beautiful, magnificent, creative thing was produced by someone who wasn't ready before they began. They didn't know how to do of if they could do it. Somehow, in Taking the Leap to Success, there is a magnetism that happens and in the momentum of that leap, you are mastering magnitude.

Executive Women's Coaching Program

If you're a busines owner or executive looking for a group to support you in achieving greater success and work/life balance, then this group is for you!

$3,500.00 USD